Purchase Acetylene Plants to Get the Gas Consistently

Do you want to purchase an acetylene plant? You are not a single person in the race. A number of people are looking for the plants are specifically built for generating acetylene, a colorless & highly flammable compound of carbon & hydrogen gas. Being useful for a number of industries, it has earned name and fame in the industry.

Before purchasing the acetylene plant, you need to consult professionals to better understand the products. In addition, you can also read the client testimonials and reviews. Try to purchase the products which are made of high quality raw materials. Reputed and known companies create acetylene gas plants by acquiring the complete technology as well as design from Dr. Boschi of Italy.

Capacity ranging from 15cum/hour to 200cum/hr of latest technology, our product is getting used all over the world. Of late, people prefer Universal Boschi as its Acetylene gas plants are of robust design for trouble free operation.


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