Oxygen Plant: A Latest Technology in the Gas Generation Industry

oxygenThere are a number of people all over the world looking for different capacity oxygen plants in order to generate oxygen or nitrogen or both and sell the output in the market. Industries look for the plants to generate oxygen and nitrogen for their own consumption. Capacity of the machines range from 50 m3/hr to 10000 m3/hr so one needs to ensure how much consumption he/she has. The purity of the systems is upto 99.7% oxygen and 99.99% nitrogen, which remains same despite of difference in capacity. They perform for years without maintenance and there is no involvement of reciprocating parts.

If you are thinking where to buy the machine, then the best place for you is India as raw materials and resources are easily available at cost effective rates. In addition, Indian cryogenic oxygen plant manufacturers use latest cryogenic technology in order to serve the international market. Some companies in India have EOU certification, which means they purchase the raw materials at tax free rates and thus become able to sell products at cost effective rates. ISO and CE certified companies are also available so just make search and get the best one.


  • Latest cryogenic technology
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Best performance
  • Easy to install and run

Hospital purpose oxygen plants manufactured in India are working smoothly all over the world despite of diverse geographical conditions. Indian machines are successfully running at various locations such as Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Germany, America and the list goes on. If you have confusion, contact the customer care departments, which are performing round the clock.

Contact us quickly- http://www.oxygen-plants.com/


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